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    Patients and their families from more than 50 countries around the world have benefited from our half-century old tradition of excellence in healthcare. Our excellence has led to Moolchand being a preferred choice for many VIP’s including international diplomats and business leaders. Here is what some of our patients have to say about their Moolchand experience.

    Real patients...Real stories

    Successful Spinal Decompression Surgery!

    The first word that comes to my mind while describing Dr. Vishal Nigam is ‘Perfectionist’. Being his regular patient for orthopaedic treatment at Moolchand, I take this opportunity to mention that he is one doctor who is dedicated, sincere, excellent and as mentioned earlier, perfect in his respective profession. I am extremely satisfied and happy with Dr. Vishal Nigam who performed a spinal decompression surgery on me. His pleasant smiles and comforting words were very much encouraging during my recovery period. I am grateful for how smooth this process went.

    I highly recommend Dr. Vishal Nigam and the services of Moolchand.

    Srabani Chadha


    My father’s recovery after brain hemorrhage and stroke!

    My 54-year-old dad is a survivor of a brain hemorrhage. I would appreciate sharing his story with you in hopes that you will feel it inspiring enough to share with your family and friends.

    My dad suffered a stroke; he fell down suddenly and was feeling dizzy. His “blank” eyes and raspy voice made us very worried and we immediately took him to Fortis Hospital; however, they told us to take him to Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital. The emergency room doctor suspected a ruptured aneurysm which had led to brain damage and right-sided paralysis. There being no appropriate treatment for my dad, a close friend referred us to Moolchand. I brought him to Dr. S.V. Tripathi at Moolchand. Dr. Tripathi kept my spirits high and assured that my dad will soon recover. Slowly, with Dr. Tripathi’s hard work, rigorous treatment and frequent monitoring, my dad has begun to reclaim his health. My dad’s survival is nothing less than a miracle! Thank you Moolchand and Dr. Tripathi!

    Hemant Rana

    (S/o Mr. Raj Singh Rana)

    Early Ayurvedic intervention is the key to health!

    I had been experiencing general weakness, difficulty walking and numbness in my legs for many years. I was under allopathic medications for 15+ years, but none of the treatment regimens helped me recover. This worsened with my diabetes and other metabolic disorders, cardiac conditions. I underwent bypass surgery in 1994 and two stent placement surgeries in 2009. However, my heart blockage aggravated with time. Severely disturbed due to complications from my illnesses, I decided to start taking Ayurvedic treatment at Moolchand. I was referred to Dr. S V Tripathi after being suggested by a close friend. In the course of investigation by the Ayurvedic physician Dr. S V Tripathi, I was diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy. Dr. Tripathi made me realized the importance of Ayurveda, effective herbal remedies and panchakarma therapy. 

    Positive changes in my health started to occur as early as the 5th day of my treatment at Moolchand Ayurvedic Institute. My profound weakness and leg stiffness have also subsided. I am very satisfied by the treatment here and I am hopeful of full recovery. Ayurvedic treatment at Moolchand is indeed safe, effective, cost efficient, time-tested and evidence-based healthcare.

    Yamuna Jaeswani

    80-years old housewife

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    Fantastic experience and great results!

    I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in early 2012. The disease had caused limited mobility in my wrists, fingers and other joints. The English consultant who confirmed my condition immediately started me on 15mg of Methotrexate and folic acid, both to be taken on a weekly basis. On my next visit to the consultant methotrexate was increased to 20 mg and on a further visit, I was told it was going to be increase yet again. I was constantly tired and lethargic with no energy. I was definitely not very happy about this.

    Methotrexate had numerous side affects. It started affecting my digestion and food absorption. My brother Sandeep recommended Dr. Tripathi’s treatment in India at Moolchand. At this point, I was prepared to try any viable alternative treatments, so I flew to India for treatment. 

    I met Dr. Tripathi who is highly skilled in this field and was recommended a three-pronged approach, which included exercising the joints, Ayurvedic medicines with a controlled diet and Panchkarma (herbal hot oil massages) therapy. Since June 2013 till November 2017, I have made several trips to India whereby Dr. Tripathi has slowly decreased my methotrexate to ZERO. I now have significantly less swelling and increased movement, with no side effects of any medication. I have not taken any Methotrexate for the last two years and feel so much better. 

    Dr. Tripathi has been a tremendous help to me and I would recommend his treatments for RA.

    Sarita Gupta

    Thank you for great hospitality, great precision and risk-free treatment for osteoarthritis!

    I had been taking allopathic pain-killers for osteoarthritis in my knees for 8+ years. There being no improvement in my knees, the doctors suggested total knee replacements (for which I wasn't mentally ready). 

    In my search for a holistic and risk-free osteoarthritis treatment, I met Dr. S. V. Tripathi, who has also treated my brother-in-law. Within 10 days of the treatment, my knee pain has started to disappear. I am able to walk without pain. Dr. S. V. Tripathi and the therapists here are so nice and cordial. They explained me everything and gave answers to all my questions. I am on my way to improved health and joyous life. 

    I thank Moolchand and Dr. Tripathi!

    R K Korotania

    Retired BSNL employee

    Thanks for the genuine care and holistic treatment!

    I had been suffering from chronic eczema and atopic dermatitis since my childhood. It became a great dilemma for me and I was finding it difficult to face other people. I took various allopathic treatments; sadly, none of those helped.

    Since 2003, I have been under Dr. S.V. Tripathi's treatment at Moolchand. He started my treatment with Panchakarma therapy, which eradicated my eczema and dermatitis from the root by increasing my immunity. Other than this therapy, Dr. Tripathi also recommended me lifestyle modification, yoga and meditation. He uses all his great experience and knowledge to treat me.

    I have had long courses of Ayurvedic treatments from other hospitals and centers as well, but Dr. Tripathi has, undoubtedly, an edge above the rest and the fact that I continue to be his patient for 14 years bears the testimony to this.

    Sandeep Gupta

    Investigative lawyer in USA



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